Our System Works!

Lead Generation Made Simple

Our caring and committed staff provides customized, spot-on messages that bring clients to you. 


  • We deliver solutions to your business strategies,
  • We put you in control of the process,
  • We leverages your existing resources,
  • We deliver results and enhance your ROI.

Social Business Strategies ignites your sales funnel activity with the energy of your personal brand.

We put the human connection first in all we do. We listen to your needs. We provide caring managed services. We remain professional at all times.

Welcome to your new business reality!

Our System Works

The Social Business Strategies Time System

Our proprietary approach leverages and aligns the individual’s personal brand seamlessly with the organizational brand. This strategy strengthens the overall first impression when engaging with a new target audience. It enhances and elevates your organization’s value proposition, resulting in more meaningful conversations with decision makers in your target market.

We systematize the entire process for building a robust and predictable sales pipeline by establishing our clients as subject matter experts in their field and then engaging with the target audience as the premier provider in their space.

Our TIME System leverages people, process, and technology enabling you maximize LinkedIn like never before.


The client can be as involved (or as uninvolved) in the process as they like. Some specific actions will always be the client’s responsibility as we transition from marketing efforts to the sales process. You will be responsible for responding to specific queries, setting appointments in their schedules, etc.


The TIME System has inputs and outputs. Targets on scrubbed LinkedIn lists and messages designed to be sent to them go into the TIME System. Responses (leads) and campaign data come OUT. The campaign data gathered maybe integrated into CRM or email systems. It comes in a download or data feed that keeps all internal systems current.

No matter how involved you are, it is important to know about all of the basic aspects of the system. We will just dive a bit deeper in some instances for those do-it-yourselfers that want to be more involved.


Target the right audience.


Include just the audience you want to engage with.


Message them with relevant content.


Engage them in a digital conversation before moving to a call or coffee.

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